Our Pator's name is Ual Russell. We are privileged to have him as our Pastor. He has a lovely wife named Joheny, with 2 grown children, and 4 grandchildren.


Pastor received his calling 40 some years ago. He's spread the gospel to many areas, here and other countries.


Pastor Ual seeks to glorify God, and evangelize the lost.


Pastor Ual is a man who walks the talk. You'll not get any sugar coating of the bible here! So if you are looking to hear the word, or find a loving church family, why not try us?



Is a non-denominational, warm, friendly, bible beliveing, church. We are located in New Tazewell on Rt. 33.


Our purpose is to provide sound teaching and preaching, while enjoying Christian fellowship.


The ultimate purpose of life is glorifying God. Since all things were created by and for the Lord Jesus Christ, Upper Room Ministries seeks in all that it does to exalt Him with our talents and deeds.